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Well, technically this is the N Queens Problem, but the wiki doesn't like NQ at the beginning....

Assignment info:

In groups of 2-4, write a program that solves the 8-queens problem without using assignment. Your program should print out a list of board positions or something similar.

DO NOT spend more than 4 hours per person on this assignment. If you can't make reasonable progress without using assignment in a couple of hours, do it using assignment. If you can't do it either way, think about where you ran into dead ends.

You may read about this problem or talk with other people, but do not simply use someone else's code without rewriting it (without looking!); i.e., you can learn from what other people have done, but you should be able to produce the solution on your own after learning.

Email your program to me along with a list of all of the people who worked on it and any resources (web, textbook, people....) you consulted to (try to) figure out how to do what you did. If your program works, say so. If it doesn't work, include a paragraph that explains where you ran into trouble.

Come to class on Monday with a program if you have one or a good idea of where you got stuck if you don't.

2013-07-17 10:47