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Please bring the following items to your conference:

  1. All members of your project group.
  2. An annotated bibliography of what your group has read to prepare for your project, i.e., full bibliographic citations and a sentence or so about each one, saying what it covered/what you learned.
  3. A clear understanding of the state of your project now and whether/how well you've met your goals for this date.
  4. Your planned handout for your teaching session. You should plan an interesting educational experience that will occupy the class well for 10-15 minutes. (Let me know at your conference or earlier if you'd like a vastly different amount of time).

All conferences will be held in AC213 (the classroom) on Monday, 2 April.

Conference times:

10:30-10:45 - bhayden

10:45-11:00 - Eric, Mike

11:00-11:15 - Jon, Paul, Ryan

11:15-11:30 - Andy Barry

11:30-11:45 - Andy and Erin

11:45-12:00 - Nikolaus, Thomas, Andy Getz

12:00-12:15 - Brad, Chris, Doug

12:15-12:30 - Zack, Ben, Evan, Connor

12:30-12:45 - Stephen Longfield, Matt Donahoe

12:45-1:00 - Brendan and Ayla

2013-07-17 10:46