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NB: This wiki is also (temporarily?) hosting the AiWiki

What is "I"

This is the wiki for Olin AHSE 1150, What is "I"? If you are affiliated with the course, you are welcome to contribute to the wiki. Information on how to do this will be provided in the first class session. Eventually, I hope that it will reflect what we've done this semester.

NOTE THAT THE CURRENT WIKI CONTENT REFLECTS THE SPRING 2005 OFFERING. IT WILL EVENTUALLY BE UPDATED FOR FALL 2006 If you're interested in helping to get this wiki up to date, please feel free to go in and update things. I can email the syllabus etc. if you are want to make it wikiable and post it, e.g.

THIS LINK IS FOR FALL 2006, though: MoviePage

Feel free to edit (and especially to add and improve) as you wish....Your efforts make this site better for everyone!

Interesting starting points:

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